Penetrate Latin American markets, expand export sales and grow your business

DAZU BDS - Export Business Development Services 

Welcome to DAZU BDS - a multi-disciplinary export sales delivery company that provides business development services to increase your sales in selected Latin American markets.
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Understand the complexity of export business and make your move

You had a succession of inquiries from potential prospects —  went to a local trade show, got lots of business cards,  made a few export sales.  Now contacts have moved on, sales are dead or stagnant.  Can’t figure who or how to get decision makers to say yes and re-gain your market share.  


Successful export companies stay nimble. You need to navigate the cultural unknown, understand private business, government and regulatory practices.  Embrace competitiveness and manage the logistical complexity inherent to each country market. You want to change business tactics and embrace new channels to get you to export sales.