Export sales stagnant, 
past your initial growth spur? 

Don't change your vision - adjust your sales strategy.

DAZU BDS can help you deliver sales in Latin America! 


We provide business development services to enter Latin American markets through structured proven techniques. Our approach leverages deep knowledge of Latin America business culture, your core product capabilities and your appetite for success. We help you identify opportunities and develop market penetration strategies that match your resources.

DAZU – RapidEntry™

Identify potential clients and industry sectors through our proven DAZU-ExportMatrix™.  Implement a sustainable Business Development Services strategy to suit target country.   Develop customized sales and marketing tactics to penetrate markets.

Dazu - ExportAssist™
Build upon upcoming inquiries, develop logistics for success - develop documentation to support your products in target markets - appropriate packaging and shipping

Fine tune local distribution channels to stay competitive, counter new players, tweak products and re-invent new sales strategies to overcome market challenges.

DAZU - InMarketAlliances™
Identify potential partners for acquisition, co-investment or joint venture - increase net margins and market positioning for long term success.